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The Pascall Prize*

The Pascall Prize "Australian Critic of the Year" is Australia's only major national prize awarded for critical writing.

The prize is awarded to an Australian critic whose work over the previous 12 to 18 months has contributed significantly to public debate, appreciation, enjoyment and understanding of a particular branch of the arts.

The Recipient of the Pascall Prize is named 'Australian Critic of the Year' and awarded a cash grant.

The Pascall Prize is awarded by a panel of judges that includes industry peers and previous recipients, and a member of the Geraldine Pascall Foundation.

The Pascall Prize seeks to identify and reward an Australian critic whose work

  • stimulates interest in the subject;
  • expands knowledge about the subject;
  • arouses debate;
  • creates a vital, engaging voice in the culture through the expression of strong, considered opinion(s);
  • has intrinsic creative merit.

The purpose of the Pascall Prize is to reward a critic or reviewer whose work changes the perceptions of Australians, opens their eyes to a different perspective of their culture, develops a new interest in the subject and is both imaginative and creative.

The Pascall Prize celebrates incisive and well-crafted critical writing in areas including literature, art, architecture, food and wine, music, theatre, film, television, and radio.

*The Rules & Conditions of the Prize "Critic of the Year" are currently under review, with plans to present a reconfigured prize in 2016.

Geraldine Pascall
Lifetime Achievement Award

In 2015 the Geraldine Pascall Foundation has announced the establishment of the Geraldine Pascall Lifetime Achievement Award. This award is presented to a critic whose body of work exemplifies the values of the Pascall Prize and the Foundation. The award is presented at the discretion of the Geraldine Pascall Foundation.

The inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award will be announced at an event held as part of the 2015 Sydney Writers' Festival.

 2015 Pascall@SWF

"Everyone's A Critic, But Should They Be?"

Saturday 23 May, 4:30pm - 5:30pm
Sydney Dance 2, Pier 4/5
Hickson Road Walsh Bay

More information on the SWF website >

2015 Debating Panel >

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The Pascall Prize

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2015 Pascall Prize: Evan Williams AM

2015 Evan Williams AM  

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